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Who am I ?
Friday 20 February 2009

I am a 57 year old woman, happy to be French who, forty years after her “1968 Baccalaureat”, is taking a look back at her « working life ».

And I notice the effect on myself of the message that I received at that time: books, knowledge, skills are there to serve life and not the opposite! Just as the various instruments for measuring water, if they frame the latter, they do not in any way contain everything. Hence my choice of profession: to become a doctor with the idea of protecting life, recognise when it stepped out of line and ensure that it didn’t drown itself from within, no less that flooding it from without.

Thus it is that, finally, during the thirty years during which I have been studying and practising medicine and the social sciences at university (in particular, working with high level sportpeople) each stage has inspired me to divert my interest towards an innovation. These interludes are my signature, my way of using the knowledge that have confirmed my diplomas, in order to continue my training as a healer/carer, they are the connecting threads of personal growth towards humanity.

Setting up this website is completely independent from any attempt to balance out any intellectual recognition. This is why I am surprised: I can remark to what extent this creation is an integral part of change. At the beginning of this twenty-first century, something like in May 1968, I sense a great need to take part in a network of opposition to the infantilising pressure, which is so loud, stemming form the media world, consumerism, globalisation...... so as to be simply an area of interaction about life, always so very present, and plentiful.

Performance is my point of view.

It is an integral part of our society »s new values.

A great deal of hype is made around performance-prescription, virtually totalitarian, which, at the risk of being excluded otherwise, needs to make each one of us a performing being in all areas of our private and professional lives. With a great deal of « doing »: making love, « making » a country or a region, a result, an event.... « that does it! Or not! » the top level sports business has become an emblem of this. Through the fame and recognition that he or she acquires through performance, the top level sportperson metamorphoses him or herself into an icon. He or she is a model which satisfies the numerous demands of this truly social order: to be seen on the TV, easily win a great deal of money, appear in the book of world records. The observation is identical in those other domains where performance is no longer measured by the locomotive system but by feelings, or intellectual skills, which have themselves become quantifiable objects. So, lyrical singers, dancers, actors and visual artists, but also students preparing for an elite competitive examination, company managers or the newly diagnosed exceptionally gifted person, are all « performers » who are subject to the same demand for results.

And yet human performance is also a graceful moment, a work of art. At certain vintage moments, these highly visible performers testify to a remarkable entanglement of their « being » and their « having » so that their performance is raised up to the level of their work of art.

A question and a clear problem remains; the performance is a work of art, but, does it not belong solely to an elite that has nothing to do with reality and human uniqueness?

No !

Through this site, I even intend to propose exactly the opposite; each has its own place, the performance and the work of art....fundamentally individual, performance has the great merit of asking each individual to reflect on their own destiny, their own personal life project. Yet, in starting from the simple postulate that each one of us is on this earth with a project that is his or her own, we need to start to wake up; we are not here for nothing!

Through a minute examination of examples of high performance both in sport and in the world of emotions, I would like to allow each one to set the framework for their own performance; rather than an consciousness of having, a consciousness of being and of going to become. Whether it is a matter of finding their well-being in their own bodies, in their personal lives or in their social lives the aim is still to move forward, peacefully and simply. towards their greater well-being.

At the end, making their life project a project of love; a performance that has become a work of art, a declension of the universal value of the art of living in solitariness and in solidarity, which will be able to be inscribed in the great book of humanity’s heritage.


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