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The translation of my website is still not completely available, even if you will find the main articles in English. This will come soon. Thank you for your understanding.
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How does one Love?
How does one think of one’s own death?
Live my sexual dignity?
Live with my identity, even if it is virtual?
Satisfy the demands for performance?
Exercise my politicial conscience?
Assume my citizenship?
In short, feel at ease with oneself and with others?

For, like you, I have asked myself various questions.

This site represents the fruit of my own personal route and of my professional expertise as a doctor working with the great sportspeople. It is the format for a response that we will construct together, step by step. So that each one of us, through their straining towards self-achievement, can blossom into their share of universal and timeless humanity.

I (Who am I?) invite you, via this site, to develop your Art of Holding Oneself Well ® Somatopsychology® is a medical, scientific discipline. It works on various memories, the living person’s proof, to come closer to the real person in flesh and bones in the certainty of their deep-rootedness. It lays the foundations for our basic internal security, that which allows us to recover, scar by scar, to be reborn in ourselves , to refind enough self esteem so that we can stand upright and want to move forward.

The Art of Holding Oneself Well ® will act on our intimate coherence, wakened by somatopsychology®. Urging oneself involves each one of us in taking responsibility for their human condition – tracing out a route which combines the right to live with the duty to remain in a working order – by using the rich technical and scientific arsenal which is mastering one’s living being. Making the most of all the subtlety of the altruistic relationship of caring and giving, this art guides our growth within humanity, our aspiration towards something better.

To appropriate the Art of Holding Oneself Well ® stimulates the audacity to give birth and liberates the energy of one’s violence at being sent off: quite naturally, the performance of human finiteness explode. Thus, one’s unexpected quality of being in this world is revealed , thus one’s own work of art comes to life (Me, a Work of Art)

My website is not yet completely translated, but you will already find the translation of the main articles. I hope the full translation will be available soon. Thank you for your understanding.