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Et aussi la Celt’Attitude
La Celt’Attitude® est une marque déposée à l’Institut National de Propriété Industrielle le 8/11/2013 par Claire Carrier.
L’utilisation de la marque Celt’Attitude® voudrait rejoindre les objectifs poursuivis par l’UNESCO à travers la constitution d’un patrimoine culturel immatériel comme facteur important du maintien de la diversité culturelle face à la mondialisation croissante. Avoir une idée du patrimoine culturel immatériel de différentes communautés est utile au dialogue interculturel et encourage le respect d’autres modes de vie. L’importance du patrimoine culturel immatériel ne réside pas tant (...) Read the whole article
Who am I ?
I am a 57 year old woman, happy to be French who, forty years after her “1968 Baccalaureat”, is taking a look back at her « working life ».
And I notice the effect on myself of the message that I received at that time: books, knowledge, skills are there to serve life and not the opposite! Just as the various instruments for measuring water, if they frame the latter, they do not in any way contain everything. Hence my choice of profession: to become a doctor with the idea of protecting life, recognise when it stepped out of line and ensure that it didn’t drown itself from within, no less (...) Read the whole article
My pathway
Born in 1951, I grew up in the privileged atmosphere of a bourgeois Parisian family. The starting point in my social life was when I passed my baccalaureat in 1968. I obtained my first university grade in the 1968 baccalaureat and I registered with the medical university, still in Paris. I wanted to become a doctor with the idea of protecting life, recognising when it stepped out of line and ensuring that it didn’t drown itself from within, no less that flooding itself from without.
Taking full responsibility for my youthful independence, obviously it was imperative that I finance my (...) Read the whole article
My fame

In 1989 in Paris, the National Institute for Sport and Education ( the nursery for French champions) knew little about the contribution that clinical psychology and psychoanalysis could bring to sporting performance.

Thanks to the realisation of its medical director, I was able to introduce these approaches into the holy of holies of French sport which until then, preferred to seek out the immediate and controlable effectiveness of experimental or cognitive psychology

My fame with the wider public audience, came from revealing that, achieving very high standard performance were the facilitating factors, the human quality of the actor in sport, and especially the deep emotional harmony that is not visible in body language,

This fame, which was at its peak at the time of the Olympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, has been reinforced by university recognition of my work; in 1993 I presented my doctoral thesis in Clinical Psychology on the subject of the high level sportsperson. Since then, even though it fluctuates, this consideration is still active, as was shown in October 2008 in my two interviews for Femme Actuelle and Le Parisien, and my column in the scientific review, Sport and Citoyenneté (Sport and Citizenship)

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My expertise
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